Afropean Film Seminars

Jeannette Ehlers, Three Steps of Story, 2009, 3:35, sound
Courtesy of the artist and Art Labour Archives



Moving Image + Collective Reading + Oral History

A production of  Art Labour Archives

Chief Curator
Alanna Lockward


In 2013

University College Roosevelt Academy, Middelburg, 26-27 June

Transart Institute Fest, Berlin, 6 August

Steirischer Herbst, Graz, 7-9 October

Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, 23-24 October


AFROPEAN* FILM SEMINARS have been conceived by Art Labour Archives founding director, Alanna Lockward, as a collective-based educational program aimed at contributing to the dissemination of the decolonial aesthetics theoretical model  from an Afropean perspective.

AFROPEAN FILM SEMINARS are based on the experimental format of BE.BOP 2012. BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS, which presented decolonial aesthetics for the first time at outstanding  institutions in Europe,  such as Goldsmiths University of London, Matadero Madrid, Dutch Art Institute and also in the African continent at Kwazulu Natal Society of Arts, The Bioscope Johannesburg and the National Arts Gallery of Namibia.

This production of  Art Labour Archives, in collaboration with Allianz Kulturstiftung and Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, innovatively combined daily screening sessions and open debates. In the same vein, AFROPEAN FILM SEMINARS will serve as situation-specific showcases of alternative socio-political and aesthetics frameworks. Through dialogue and the discussion of selected works by Black Diaspora and African artists using film or video-art as their media, each forum wil become a unique version of the decolonization of knowledges, minds, bodies and art, a fundamental premise of decolonial thinking and doing.

At each AFROPEAN FILM SEMINAR the dismantling of coloniality, the hidden side of modernity, will transform abstract academic theorizing into a direct experience based on a dialogical approach to knowledge-cultivation.
© Alanna Lockward 2012

Artwell Cain

Teresa María Díaz Nerio + Simmi Dullay
Walter Mignolo + Raúl Moarquech Ferrera Balanquet
Robbie Shilliam + Rolando Vázquez


AfricAvenir + Berlin + Windhoek + Douala

Institute of Cultural Heritage and Knowledge + Rotterdam

Overgaden, Institute of Contemporary Art + Copenhagen

Steirischen Herbst + Graz

Transnational Decolonial Institute (TDI) + Berlin + Durham + The Hague

Transart Institute + Berlin + NYC

University College Roosevelt Academy + Middelburg

(*) Lockward, Alanna (2012, forthcoming). Black Europe Body Politics. Towards an Afropean Decolonial Aesthetics. In: Decolonial Aesthetics Dossier. Mignolo, Walter and Vázquez, Rolando (Eds.). Social Text Journal/Periscope.



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